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July 2008



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Jul. 23rd, 2008

(no subject)

 This week was my 60th birthday and because it began a new decade it seemed that folks thought it was more significant in someway, "a milestone birthday".  I have to admit, I wasn't very comfortable treating this birthday any differently than any other of my recent birthdays.   I think what I was fighting buying into, is this notion that entering  your 60's is the point in life where we move from "middle-aged" to "older".    I'm thinking we should take a good look at increasing life expectancies and start redefining when both "middle age" and our "golden years" begin.  Personally, I'm striving for a ripe old age of 100, so at 50, I  began to consider myself middle aged, and think that my my mid-seventies will be plenty soon to think about calling myself an  "older American".  I think I'll just keep on paying full price for a slice of pie at restaurants for a good long time to come.  My Mom, who died at 92,  told me that she was sometimes surprised by the face of the older woman she saw in mirror, because on the inside she felt very much the same as she did as a young woman, certainly wiser, but still and all, the same.  I didn't really quite understand,  when she first told me that, (which must have been when she was approaching 70), but now I do.  It really is all about the person on the inside.
Well, it is time to post this and get up and stretch, or I'll be walking like I'm 100!


Jul. 16th, 2008

Settling In

 Well, I'm settling in to LJ and started to load some of my drawings into the scrapbook so it feels more "homey".   It made me realize how much of my work I haven't photographed.  I'm going to spend some time this weekend trying to get decent shots of everything.   When I figure out how to post art work to some of the community art sites I'd like to start getting some of my work out there.     
 I've been lurking on the various Pagan sites, and it seems as though so many people are constantly searching and hoping that this belief, or that practice will be the right one and fill their need.  After years of  doing just that very thing, I finally joyfully label myself a seeker and now consciously chose to dwell in the beauty of the journey.  As with all journeys, you start somewhere and it is very nice to have a home to return to when you need some time to retreat into the familiar and absorb all the experiences of your travels.  I believe we need much the same thing on our Spiritual journey as well.  So, for the last 14 years I've made my home base within Wicca and then ventured out on into many other areas to learn and grow spiritually.   

Jul. 15th, 2008

Live Journal- Day One

 Well, I don't suppose I'll keep on numbering the days whenever I post something here, but the first day seems somehow significant.  So often we begin things without really being aware that we've set off down a new path. Then somewhere along the way, we take stock and wonder how we got to wherever it is we find ourselves.  I suppose that journaling is kind of like drawing a map of this life journey as you go, laying little clues of how your life moved from here to there and sometimes back again.
Well, since I'm here now and I've writen a little something, I think I'll go exploring in LJ.